- fritz attempting to report

This blog is dedicated to my stay as an embedded reporter with the 172nd Infantry Brigade “Blackhawks” in Afghanistan.

Me a reporter from Germany and British national will be visititng together with a photographer from Germany.

We will be based with Apache company 2-28 of Task Force 3-66 at the Combat Outpost Sar Howza in Paktika province for most of Sempember 2011.

This blog is meant to be a diary of sorts. I will try and keep it updated on a daily basis throughout our stay in Afghanistan. At the end of the day, it will all depend on the internet connection we are provided with in Paktika.

Allthough I’m a native Welshman, I grew up in Hamburg, Germany, so my Geman language skills are better than my proficiency in English – so please don’t get pissed of if you spot some inaccurate or misspelt language.

At the end of the day this blog isn’t about high profile reporting. I want to leave the path of narrow journalistic professional practices which keep so much from being reportet and speak my mind – I wanna make this an easy going testament to a journey, that might just change my views and prospects.

Enjoy and Cheers,
Fritz to the Front

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